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Residential Projects

Small Development in Rayne, Braintree, Essex

A small development of high quality houses in Rayne designed to meet fully the requirements of modern living.

Small Development in Eight Ash Green, Colchester, Essex

A small development of housing in Eight Ash Green creating unusual and interesting house types through a combination of architectural and structural design.

Eight Ash Green 01

Residential Refurbishment and New build Hanningfield, Essex

This project included elements of both refurbishment and new build to create a high quality residential scheme set in beautiful shared landscaped gardens and with stunning views across the nearby reservoir.

The original Edwardian mansion and associated buildings had progressively been extended, with inappropriate modern extensions, for use as a nursing home. This redevelopment retained the original elements which were still in good condition to create luxury apartments within the Mansion. Linked to this, new terraced housing was constructed, sympathetically detailed to suit the adjoining historic structure.

The main visual feature of the site was a clocktower “folly”. Unfortunately the original brickwork was in poor condition and it was therefore not possible to adapt and retain this structure within the new development. Planning constraints however, required its reconstruction detailed so as to replicate the original. Following a detailed topographic and photographic survey prior to demolition of the original, its modern successor was painstakingly constructed to take pride of place once more as the centrepiece of the project.

Residential Refurbishment 01 Residential Refurbishment 02 Residential Refurbishment 03

Development in Cambridgeshire

Mixed development on the edge of Cambridge constructed using a mixture of timber frame and masonry construction.

Development in Cambridgeshire 01

Development in Witham, Essex

Large development site in Witham giving a wide range of housing with elegant balconies

Development in Witham 01

Develpoment in Great Totham, Essex

Development of a former partially back-filled gravel pit providing an interesting residential development with the use of innovative retaining wall structures to allow natural planting.

Develpoment in Great Totham 01 Develpoment in Great Totham 02

Development of Chandlers Wharf, Erith, Kent

Winner of The Institution of Structural Engineers’ East Anglia Branch Award for Structural Excellence.

This residential development has transformed a derelict industrial brownfield site into an attractive riverside location. Apartment blocks are concrete framed structures of up to eight storeys with parking beneath.

The local community also now benefits from improved access through the site and views across the River Thames from the new high level walkway constructed on top of the Flood Defence wall.

Existing buried ground anchors, which restrain the Flood Defence wall, imposed major engineering constraints on the design and construction of new foundations. Complex piled substructures were required to avoid damage to the anchors and maintain integrity of the flood defence.

A Technical paper describing aspects of the foundation design for this project in detail was later published in Ground Engineering magazine.

Development of Chandlers Wharf 01 Development of Chandlers Wharf 02 Development of Chandlers Wharf 03
Development of Chandlers Wharf 04 Development of Chandlers Wharf 05 Development of Chandlers Wharf 06
Development of Chandlers Wharf 07 Development of Chandlers Wharf 08 Development of Chandlers Wharf 09
Development of Chandlers Wharf 10 Development of Chandlers Wharf 11
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